Meet Our May Artist: Allison McKeen

Embracing spontaneity in creative practice, current artistic influences, the importance of community supported art—get to know Allison McKeen in this artist interview!


The Subscription Share

Shares of engaging, locally-made art with manageable, automatic monthly payments and the option to cancel anytime.


Art for the Now

In this new interview series, we speak with Maine artists, makers, and organizers who are creating work centered around social justice. This month, we meet Pigeon—a street artist interested in what it means to belong.


Spring Playlist

A sunny soundtrack for your studio. Harness the power of lengthening days to create!


Glimmer Post

A monthly subscription of mail art that supports social justice with funds donated directly to the ACLU.


CSArt Maine

CSArt Maine is the state’s first community art share program dedicated to supporting and connecting local Maine artists. An art subscription service, we bring locally produced work right to your door.

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Meet an artist

Doug Von

How to make a Doug: take a New York baby raised in New Jersey, blessed with an eye for composition and color, cultivated with a formal education in Graphic Design and Painting, add 10 years of experience to the mix, drop him in Portland Maine, and boom; you got yourself a stew, baby!

Doug is armed with the good sense to keep things simple, and enjoys wrestling many a design challenge to the ground.

Doug Von

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