MAKE THE BRUTAL TENDER with June Artist Charles Yesenczki

“…I hope that my work can show that there’s nothing wrong with feeling a little uncomfortable sometimes and things don’t have to fit perfectly together or do what you expect them to do.”



Melt and freeze, the mud and thaw. The swing—warm wind to snow. This playlist taps the uncertain and let’s the sap run cold, clear, and sweet.

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Purchase a monthly subscription to our fifth season of locally-made art. Six stunning Maine artists respond to Maggie Nelson’s words, “make the brutal tender.” Join us.

CSArt Maine

CSArt Maine is the state’s first community art share program dedicated to supporting and connecting local Maine artists. An art subscription service, we bring locally produced work right to your door.

Meet an artist

Ashton Ireland

Ashton Ireland is an artist who works in many mediums; his formal training is in letterpress and other forms of printmaking. He dabbles in sculpture, woodworking, and collage. His work is inspired by snakes, hotdogs, ghosts, jokes, burnt coffee and bad dreams. He has worked with and shown art at the Munson-William-Proctor Museum, the Whitney Museum of American Art as well as with many NYC based artists.

Ashton Ireland

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