CSArt Maine: Season 4

This season we focus on women artists and makers in Maine. Meet the talented artists in the lineup! Like photographer Mariah Brinton, whose art you’re looking at right now.

s e a s o n 4

February CSArtist: Jacob Wentworth!

From skin to paper, tattoo artist Jacob Wentworth shares his bold, refined American Traditional style with our February share subscribers.

l e a r n m o r e

Glimmer Post

A monthly subscription of mail art that supports social justice with funds donated directly to the ACLU.

s u b s c r i b e

The Subscription Share

The same shares of engaging, locally-made art you’ve come to love—but with manageable, automatic monthly payments and the option to cancel anytime.

s u b s c r i b e

CSArt Maine

CSArt Maine is the state’s first community art share program dedicated to supporting and connecting local Maine artists. An art subscription service, we bring locally produced work right to your door.

Meet an artist

Abbie Willwerth

Abbie Willwerth is a ceramic artist based in South Portland, ME. She earned her BFA and K-12 Art Ed. Certification from the New Hampshire Institute of Art. Her work reflects the similarities between the anatomy of a vessel and the human form.

Abbie Willwerth

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