MAKE THE BRUTAL TENDER with February Artist Stasia Salvucci (AKA The Cave Lady)

“I feel that the theme itself this season describes a process. Whether it be tenderizing meat through brutally beating with a wooden mallet, taking time to be empathetic and constructive when speaking with people who do not share your viewpoints, or water pouring through rock cracks collecting silica to eventually form opals. I love exposed processes and understanding how things evolve.”

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CSArt Maine

CSArt Maine is the state’s first community art share program dedicated to supporting and connecting local Maine artists. An art subscription service, we bring locally produced work right to your door.

Meet an artist

Jessica Townes Georges

Jessica Townes George is an artist whose practice is grounded in: sleeping on islands, bad love poems, collecting things, giving things away, encouragement, ecosystems, children, and movement. She explores her thoughts and dreams through walking, oil painting, and creating obtainable quality materials. She searches for the admiration of others while trying to remember and find stories of the way folks used to do it. Her work expresses this through quietude in a pictorial object that captures timelessness. Jessica has a BFA in Painting/Photography from Rhode Island College and an MFA in Interdisciplinary Studio & Theory from the Maine College of Art (MECA).

Jessica Townes Georges

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