The Program

CSArt Maine is a community supported art program based in Portland, Maine. Inspired by a national movement to create alternative and sustainable models for producing and purchasing art, we are excited to be the state’s first community–supported art share program.  Similar to a farm share where shareholders receive a seasonal share of produce, CSArt Maine shareholders receive portions of locally–produced art and handmade goods.  One of the primary goals of the program is to highlight the work of both emerging and established artists in Maine.  By taking part in CSArt Maine,artists have the opportunity to connect with burgeoning collectors and people who may have an interest in art but have not yet started collecting. In fold, the shareholders have a more intimate tie to the exciting work that is being produced in the great state of Maine. Fostering this creative community where both artist and shareholder are fully-engaged at a local level, CSArt Maine promotes fresh conversations about the cultural importance of art, creative process, and community development in the arts.


Inspired by the community-minded ethos of mail art and the Fluxus movement, we are proud to present our mail order subscription. CSArt Maine delivers art to your door every month for a low price to keep art accessible to all. We envision art making and creating as a way to grow, nurture, and bolster community in our state. As we draw from the Community Supported Agriculture model, we focus on how we all prepare for the future while respecting and honoring the land, Maine’s hardscrabble winters, and the state’s innovative makers—that’s what our art subscription is all about!

Purchase either an ongoing monthly, three, or six month subscription and CSArt Maine will send you a package that includes:

– an art work or product created by a local maker

– an unique piece profiling of the work and the contributing artist

– background info and insights about the month’s selection

– and—on some lucky months—CSArt swag will make its way in as well (PORTLAND: A Coloring Book, CSArt Maine tote bag, whatever we’ve dreamed into existence!)

Surprising the art-lover in your life with a subscription for the holidays or a birthday? Give us their address and we’ll give you a gift card to pass along. There’s nothing like a gift that keeps on giving!

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Our Team

Alana Dao

Alana Dao

Alana Dao received a MA in Visual and Critical Studies from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and a BA in Spanish and Latin American Studies from Smith College. Born in Texas and raised all over, she spends her time in Portland, Maine freelance writing for Dilettante Army and other publications, toddler-wrangling, and convincing Guy Lyons they need a tiny home. She is honored to be a part of the first community art share program in the state. Follow her toddler wrangling and freelance writing adventures here.

meg willing

meg willing

meg willing is a poet, artist, editor, and designer. In addition to being the Associate Director of CSArt Maine, she currently serves as Associate Chapbook Editor and PDF Chapbook Designer for BOAAT Press and Assistant Production Editor and Designer for the literary arts journal Gigantic Sequins. She is passionate about supporting the creative voices that call Maine home. She resides in Farmington, ME with her husband—classic Volvo mechanic Thom Broome—and their mini-poodle Mousse. More here and here


Guy Lyons

Guy Lyons

Raised in Lubec, Maine, the Easternmost point of the United States, Guy traveled all the way out West to settle in Portland, Maine where he is a web developer with the design team CK3 and other local agencies. As a fifth-generation Mainer, Guy is proud to be a part of a program that supports and fosters the growth and development of the arts in Maine. Guy still resides in Portland where he loves walking around, drinking good beer, and fending off Alana’s requests for a tiny home. You can find him and his snarky illustrations here.