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Mariah Brinton

I was born in Maine in the early 80’s, and lived in Maine and New York as a child. I received my BFA undergraduate degree in photography from the San Francisco Art Institute in 2004.  I also studied photography in New York and London, and those places greatly influenced my work.  My style was formed from the time I spent as a teenager exploring the streets of NYC with a 35mm Pentax in hand. Culture, people, spaces, personal style and nature grab my attention in magical ways. I enjoy capturing individuals in their element, in their favorite places and how those spaces support who they are. I am a photographer who enjoys taking pictures of landscapes without human presence as much as I love how humans interact with the spaces around them.

I bring a love of community and leadership to my work. I am focused on holistic care for families and individuals alike, with a strong desire to inspire others to take creative, conscious actions towards living their personal and business lives with authentic expression. I have been able to incorporate yoga, meditation, reiki and artistic expression to heal myself and attain a more balanced life. I am passionate about entrepreneurs finding balance in their personal and business lives and capturing this on camera. My personality tends to be very intuitive and I lead and observe with uninhibited kindness and intuition.

I currently reside in Central Maine with my daughter and am enjoying the influence of nature and the seasons on my life and work as a photographer and mother.