S4 June Artist: Mariah Brinton

Hello, June! This month we welcome summer, the solstice, and the culmination of Season 4 with photographer Mariah Brinton. Growing up between Maine and New York, Mariah’s interest in photography began as a teenager, exploring the streets of NYC with a 35mm Pentax in hand. Currently, Mariah resides in Central Maine with her daughter, where she enjoys the influence of nature and the seasons on her life and work as a photographer and mother.

Who are some of your artistic influences?
My artistic influences are about the yin & yang energy in life—the brazen and the shy. The soft & gentle. Artists such as: Barbara Kruger, Sally Mann, William Clayton, Georgia O’Keefe, Ai Wei Wei, Jet Martinez, local Maine photographers delving into time & place subjects, the seasons, my emotions, my insights and moments of clarity or confusion. I am greatly influenced by the impact human touch creates to a landscape and equally the opposite: the lack of or abandonment of humanity in landscape.

What interests you in Community Supported Art?
I am interested in CSArt as a means to move the platform of showing art and reaching my audience from a static environment to one of excitement and un-knowing. I am much more intentional in planting seeds and being imperfect as a way to playfully loosen the hold on how my art is received.

What artist, living or dead, would you like to sit down with?
Barbara Kruger

Describe the editions you’ll be contributing this season.
The pieces I submitted this season are soft, beautiful Maine landscapes—pieces that capture color and form in its raw entirety.

What do you wish to communicate or achieve through your work?
I want my pieces to evoke feeling- love-joy- wonder, curiosity.

What are you listening to / reading / looking at right now?
I am listening to a Kundalini Chillout album, I am reading ‘The Subtle Art of not Giving A F*ck’ by Mark Manson.

What role do you think art / artists should play in our communities?
Our artists = our communities. They should play a huge role! They play the role of embodiment and interpretation that goes beyond words and steps into the realm of experience. Not everything can be discussed as the ego would like us to—some things have to be felt & seen to exist.

What wise words do you carry with you into your practice? 
My favorite quote/mantra is by Rumi: “What You Seek is Seeking You.”
The Universe is here and your path of intention and deepest desires is here. Learning to listen to it and see it and feel acknowledgement & gratitude for it is the beauty of seek and seeker. Jai Ma!

What is one question you wish we’d asked? (And answer it.)
What are you currently excited about?! What do you love?
I am currently excited about deepening my journey of self improvement, being part of a new empowered shift into the intelligent and fierce advancement of women, this CSART share, and summer in Maine and the immense freedom it creates in our bodies and spaces.
I love human connection, sharing and healing separately and together!